The Hermetic Museum Books and Texts

Volume I

1 The Hermetic Museum Preface 1678 Arthur Edward Waite
2 Book of Alze 1625 Anonymous
3 Book of Lambspring Nicholas Barnaud Delphinas
4 The Glory Of The World - Gloria Mundi 1620 Anonymous
5 A Tract Of Great Price 1423 Anonymous
6 The Golden Tract Concerning The Stone of the Philosophers 1678 Anonymous
7 The Golden Age Restored 1600 Henricus Madathanus
8 The Sophic Hydrolith or Water Stone of the Wise 1678 Anonymous
9 A Demonstration of Nature John A. Mehung
10 A Short Tract or Philosophical Summary Nicolas Flamel
11 The Only True Way or An Useful, Good, and Helpful Tract Pointing Out the Path of Truth 1677 Anonymous
12 The Golden Tripod or Three Choice Chemical Tracts Basil Valentine

Volume II

13 The Hermetic Museum Volume II - Preface 1678 Arthur Edward Waite
14 The Testament Of Cremer Abbot Of Westminster Cremer Abbot Of Westminster
15 Believe-Me or The Ordinal Of Alchemy - The Golden Tripod (Second Tract) Thomas Norton
16 The New Chemical Light - Drawn from the Fountain of Nature and of Manual Experience Michael Sendivogius
17 The New Chemical Light - Second Part Concerning Sulphur Michael Sendivogius
18 An Open Entrance to the Closed Palace of The King 1667 Anonymous
19 A Subtile Allegory Concerning The Secrets of Alchemy Michael Maier

The Three Treatises of Philalethes

20 The Metamorphosis of Metals 1893 Philalethes
21 A Brief Guide to the Celestial Ruby 1893 Philalethes
22 The Fount of Chemical Truth 1893 Philalethes


23 Helvetius Golden Calf, which the World Worships and Adores 1893 John Frederick Helvetius
24 The All-Wise Doorkeeper or A Fourfold Figure 1893 Anonymous

Quote of the Day

“He that seeks the Art of multiplying and perfecting imperfect Metals but by the nature of Metals, deviates from the truth; for Metals must be expected from Metals, as the species of Man from Man, of Beast from Beast.”


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