Practical Books and Texts

16th Century and earlier

1 A Chymicall treatise of the Ancient Philosopher Arnoldus de Nova Villa 1415 Arnold de Villa Nova
2 The Secret Book of Artephius 1200 Artephius
3 Everburning Lights of Trithemius 1408 Johannes Trithemius
4 Rosary of the Philosophers or Rosarium Philosophorum 1550 Anonymous
5 Geber's Discovery of Secrets 800 Geber (Jabir Ibn Hayyan)
6 Donum Dei or God's Most Precious Gift 1475 Georgius Aurach de Argentina
7 Tract on the Tincture and Oil of Antimony 1731 Roger Bacon
8 Coelum Philosophorum or Book of Vexations Paracelsus
9 The Treasure of Treasures for Alchemists 1659 Paracelsus
10 A Work of Saturn 1670 Johann Isaac Hollandus
11 The True Book of the learned Greek Abbot Synesius 1612 Synesius - Greek Abbot
12 The Crowning of Nature Anonymous

17th Century

13 The three alchemical flasks of Oldfield 1570 Clement Oldfield
14 Colours to be observed in the Great Work 1680 Anonymous
15 The Six Keys of Eudoxus, opening into the most Secret Philosophy Eudoxus
16 Phantom alchemical plants of Quersitanus 1605 Anonymous
17 Aphorismi Urbigerani, Or Certain Rules, Clearly demonstrating the Three Infallible Ways of Preparing the Grand Elixir or Circulatum majus of the Philosophers 1690 Urbigerani
18 Circulatum minus Urbigeranum, or the Philosophical Elixir of Vegetables 1690 Urbigerani
19 Experiments touching Sulphur and Mercury 1627 Francis Bacon
20 The Making of Gold 1627 Francis Bacon
21 Concerning the Material of the Stone Anonymous
22 Table of alchemical equipment and operations 1665 Athanasius Kircher
23 The Art of Distillation 1651 John French
24 Treatise on Gold 1638 Joannes Agricola

18th Century and later

25 The Golden Chain of Homer - Book I: Aurea Catena Homeri 1723 Anton Josef Kirchweger
26 The Golden Chain of Homer - Book III Aurea Catena Homeri 1770 Anton Josef Kirchweger
27 Rosicrucian Aphorisms and Process 1791 Sigismund Bacstrom

Quote of the Day

“our fire is a common fire, and our furnace a common furnace. And though some of my predecessors have left it in writing that our fire is not common fire, I may tell you that it was only one of their devices for hiding the mysteries of our Art. For the material is common, and its treatment consists chiefly in the proper adjustment of the heat to which it is exposed.”

Basil Valentine

Twelve Keys of Basil Valentine