Alchemical Allegories & Poetry Books and Texts


1 Revelation and Declaration ENIGMA 1646 Basil Valentine
2 Solinus Saltsthal Allegory 1654 Anonymous
3 The Fountain of the Lovers of the Science 1590 John Fountain of Valencienn
4 The Fountain allegory of Bernard of Treviso 1600 Bernard Trevisan
5 The Parabola of Madathanus Henricus Madathanus
6 Allegory from Lumen de Lumine, or a New Magical Light 1651 Thomas Vaughan
7 An Adept's Allegory to a Certain Scholar 1679 Anonymous
8 The Duenech Allegory 1602 Anonymous
9 The Globe Allegory - The Natural round Physick or Philosophy of the Chymical Cabalistical Vision 1617 Isaac Luria
10 Allegory from The Golden Age Restored 1625 Henricus Madathanus
11 Greverus Allegory 1613 Greverus
12 The Allegory of Merlin 1602 Anonymous
13 Muller's Allegory 1629 Anonymous
14 Allegory from Martin Ruland 1612 Martin Ruland
15 Enigma of the Sages Allegory 1604 Michael Sendivogius
16 Allegory of the Mountain - Thomas Vaughan 1651 Thomas Vaughan
17 Allegory from Zosimos of Panoplis Zosimos of Panopolis


18 Philosophical Poem on the Azoth of Philosophers Basil Valentine
19 Of the Division of Chaos 1552 Simon Forman
20 An Alchemical poem by Thomas Rawlin 1611 Thomas Rawlin
21 The Work of Dickinson Allegorical Poem Edmund Dickinson
22 The Light coming out of the Darkness Crasselame
23 Threefold Sophic Fire Verses 1705 William Y-Worth
24 Place in Space MS. Sloane 3797, folios 3-5.
25 Two Prayers for Alchemists 1819 Karl Von Eckhartshausen
26 Aenigma Philosophicum Anonymous
27 John Dastin's Dream John Dastin
28 Discription of the Stone Poetry Anonymous
29 Hunting of the Greene Lyon Anonymous
30 Hermes Bird Alchemical Poetry Anonymous
31 The Hermet's Tale Poetry Anonymous
32 The Magistry Alchemical Poetry 1633 Anonymous
33 The Mistery of Alchymists George Ripley
34 Pearce the Black Monke upon the Elixir Anonymous
35 Thomas Robinson on the Philosopher's Stone - De Lapide Philosophorum Thomas Robinson
36 Testament of John Dee John Gwynn 1568 John Dee
37 A short work of George Ripley 1652 George Ripley
38 The Worke of Richard Carpenter Richard Carpenter
39 John Gower Concerning the Philosophers Stone John Gower
40 The Breviary of Naturall Philosophy 1557 Thomas Charnock
41 A Dialogue betwixt the Father and the Sonne, Concerning the two Principles of the Blessed Stone Anonymous
42 3 Anonymous Alchemical Poems Anonymous
43 Aenigma ad Alchimiam - Alchemical Aenigmas 1572 Thomas Charnock
44 Experience and Philosophy Anonymous
45 Liber Patris Sapientiae or The Book of the Wisdom of the Father Anonymous
46 Bloomfield's Blossoms or The Campe of Philosophy 1652 William Bloomfield
47 Certain verses of an unknown writer, from Benedict Figulus 1608 Benedict Figulus

Literary Works

48 Mercury Vindicated from the Alchemists at Court Ben Jonson
49 The Alchemist 1610 Ben Jonson
50 The Canon Yeoman's Tale 1390 Geoffrey Chaucer
51 Poems of John Donne with alchemical references 1633 John Donne
52 Reginald Scot on alchemy 1584 Reginald Scot
53 The Marriage of Heaven and Hell William Blake
54 The City of the Sun 1602 Tommaso Campanella
55 The New Atlantis 1627 Francis Bacon
56 Novalis novel Heinrich von Ofterdingen Heinrich von Ofterdingen
57 The Mystic Tower from The Mystic Rose from the Garden of the King Anonymous

Quote of the Day

“all they who tinge with Sol and his Shadow, (viz.) with the Poison, that is Argentum vive, do perfectly complete our Stone, which we call the great and perfect Gumm.”

Bernard Trevisan

Treatise of the Philosophers Stone